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Kyowakogyosho provides a wide range of customer services including sale of materials (mechanically and flame cut), machining, engineering (design, manufacture, assembly), plant maintenance, and equipment installation.

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Kyowakogyosho Co. Ltd undertakes projects covering the diverse needs of our customers, from acceptance of orders for design, installation of equipment for factory automation, labor-saving, and rationalization, to fabrication and manufacture of equipment, and machining, based on customer-supplied drawings, and general steel sheet fabrication projects including steel structures and tanks.


Links between each company in the Kyowa Group and cooperating companies provide a mechanism to facilitate an integrated response in detail to everything from limited processes, to procurement of materials, design, manufacture, machining, surface preparation, assembly, instrumentation, piping work, installation, and trial and adjustment.


Customer requirements are transformed into products with flexibility, creativity, and superior technical skills, and our accumulated expertise is employed aggressively in research and development for our own products.

Company name Kyowakogyosho Co. Ltd
Head office

4-2-3 Matsue, Kurashiki City, Okayama Prefecture, Japan 712-8052

Tel +81-86-455-6578
Fax +81-86-455-8813
Company representative President Ryuichi Ishimoto
Established September 1954
Capital 60,000,000 yen
Employees 58
Sales breakdown
Equipment and machinery 50%
General steel sheet fabrication 30%
Construction work 15%
Government contracts 5%


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