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 What is Hardox wear resistant steel?


Hardox is wear-resistant steel plate manufactured

by SSAB Oxelösund AB of Sweden.




Hardox is available in five types with differing characteristics.

Characterized by high hardness and high tensile strength (see below).


【Types 】

Steel type

400 450 500 550 600
Thickness (t) 6~120 3.2~8 6~80 30~50 8~40
Mechanical strength (N/mm) 1250 1400 1550 1700 2000
Hardness HB ※1 400 450 500 550 600
HRC ※2 43


51 53 57
Impact value (at 40ºC)※3 45J 40J 30J 30J 20J


*1 Brinell hardness

*2 Rockwell hardness

*3 Guideline for toughness. The higher the value, the greater the toughness.



【Comparison of wear-resistance of steel materials】 * Use material selection guidelines.

Steel type Abrasion rate Wear resistance
Normal steel 100% x1.0
45kg steel 91% x1.11
80kg steel 88% x1.14
HARDOX400 19% x5.26
HARDOX450 13% x7.89
HARDOX500 8% x12.5
HARDOX550 5% x20.0
HARDOX600 4% x25.0



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High precision steel plate with low impurities and a balanced chemical composition ensure superior cutting characteristics.



Quality and surface properties of the plate allow tight bends on thin plate. Stable characteristics ensure high precision in plate thickness tolerances, allowing for high precision in bending



Hardox wear-resistant steel plate has a low carbon content ensuring low thermal inertia. Its high flatness value and strict tolerances permit automatic welding, reducing preparation time for tack welding etc. High ductility and low impurities ensure excellent HAZ (Heat Affected Zone) characteristics.



Hardox wear-resistant steel plate is easily machined. Stability and uniformity in characteristics between plates ensures the desired finish in machining. The company has accumulated data on cutting and machining of HDX400 – 600.

=> Hardox 500 machining examples (all machining operations trialed on single plates)



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★Company characteristics ★


We are not limited to sales of materials, but also provide cutting, bending, welding, and machining services to satisfy the diverse needs of our customers. All materials available ex-stock.


Hardox materials


HX500 16t laser cutting

HX400 bent item


HX500 drilling and milling

HX450 lining for truck tray




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