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Kyowakogyosho provides a wide range of customer services including sale of materials (mechanically and flame cut), machining, engineering (design, manufacture, assembly), plant maintenance, and equipment installation.

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■ Cutting Operations ■




Channel rib


Edged sling piece


Edge preparation


45º cut square pipe


Notched angle section


Notched channel


Notched 11 steel



Drilled splicing piece


Drilled and bent
splicing piece


Laser-cut angle
section (1)


Laser-cut angle
section (2)



Stud bolt


Torque wrench
(before machining)


Laser-cut item


Laser-cut and bent item





steel chute


steel liner


Crusher (materials)



Reaction torque
wrench (1)


Reaction torque
wrench (2)


Flame-cut item




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